Mind Opening - Part 1by mudlee - November 03 2014

I never understood why people work so much. Why do they focus on meaningless stuff or things they not interested in. When I got my first job, I didn't understand why people spend their day (and their lives) on something that they don't like to do. I didn't understand that time is more important then everything else.
Now I realize that and I have something for you.

When we worry about how can we finish a project, or how can we pay bills at the beginning of the month, or why things happen to us, just read this article over and over again.

Keep in mind: when you read this, don't read quickly. If you have only five minutes, just stop reading, and come back later. If you have time, remind yourself to not rush through the sentences, don't limit your reading time, just read. Try to think about what I'm saying. In exchange, I give you great – not boring -, scientific and interesting stuff :)

The first post is my favourite mind opening topic. The best place to start! If I have a problem or I'm nervous, I try to remember to this. I hope it'll be of help to you.

Where are we, anyway? Step one.

It's a very rhetorical question, isn't it? Everybody can answer it differently. For instance: „in England”, or „on the Earth”. It's not that simple as you think, but for first, the Earth is OK.


Imagine, if we say that the size of a football field is the size of the Earth's surface, and we grab one grain of sand, that the size of a human. You’re tiny, aren't you?

Where are we, anyway? Step two.

On to the next stage – but not too far -, let's examine our Solar System. Remember what we've learned in the previous step about our size on the Earth.
On the image below we can see the Earth's size compared to the Sun, and to the other planets in the Solar System.


We can see how tiny, how insignificant the Earth is, if we compare it to the Sun (which is not counted as big as other stars in the galaxy). And we are just a grain of sand on that tiny planet, don't forget.

If our Sun is considered tiny, what is large? What counts as big?
The biggest star's size – that we currently know - as big as if a plane with 900km/h speed wants to fly around it, then it might takes 1100 years. That's just wow.

Where are we, anyway? Step three.

Simple so far, right? How tiny we are compared to the sun! Let's check then where the Solar System is. How tiny the Sun is.
As we know, our galaxy (Milky Way) is looks like this:

milkywaymap The arrow is pointing to our Solar System. You don't see it, right? I don't either. The reason is because it's soooooo tiny.

Based on our current knowledge, our galaxy has 400 billion stars. In numbers, just for fun: 400,000,000,000 One of these is our tiny Sun, and we are flying around it.

Where are we, anyway? Step four.

Now let's get to the point. This is my favourite image that I check out if I'm in trouble. It reminds me that I should forget my problems.

a2744_1680 This is the Abell 2744 galaxy cluster, called the „Pandora Cluster”.

There are lots of galaxies. One of them is our Milky Way.
Is it the universe? Not really. Try this: raise your forefinger to the sky. The area's size that you see on the image above, is the same size that 1mm on your finger covers in the sky.

So what now?

Keep it in your mind, and don't forget how tiny we are in a system about which we know about nothing. Then rethink about your deadlines and problems. Should you hurry? Should you care about being late? Are these things really significant?

What do you think, is it important to hurry to get somewhere? Does worry make any sense? These things are so insignificant compared to the whole unknown, which can't be understood with our common sense, since we even don't understand our own Solar System. Don't think we do.
Think about it when you have financial problem, or you're sick, or something happens to you in a different way than you expected.

Trust me, the universe is not just about diseases, taxes and problems. We have been only able to reach the Moon so far! How tiny that distance is?! :)

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.
Albert Einstein

To finish, check this video. It's fascinating.

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